Github in 20 minutes [notes]

Notes from the youtube video.


  • git add : adds files to staging area
  • git commit -m “message” : commits staged files with message
  • git add . : add all untracked files
  • git add *.[extension] : add all files of this extension
  • git commit -am “message” : adds any changes to currently tracked files and commits with message. Won’t add any currently untracked files.

To have files ignored, create a .gitignore file. This can contain extensions (eg. *.log) or file names you want excluded. This gitignore file should be tracked as well.


  • git branch [branch name] : creates new branch
  • git checkout [branch name] : accesses branch
  • git checkout master : main branch

To merge, must be on destination branch.

  • git merge : merges branches. must be on destination branch.

In Merge Conflicts

  • <<<<< HEAD : shows version in the current branch.
  • ======= : separates the two differences
  • >>>>>> master: shows version in the source
  • add & commit once merge conflicts have been resolved.
  • Consider getting a mergetool


  • Normally switching branches after adding a file in one branch makes the new file ‘disappear’.
  • But if changes aren’t committed before branches are changed, the uncommitted changes will follow (so changes you aren’t ready to commit yet)
  • git add [un-committed file] : first track the file
  • git stash : will show no more pending changes
  • git stash apply : re apply changes from the stash.


  • git remote : shows the remote access to the git.
  • git remove -v : shows remote access url
  • git fetch origin : fetch any changes made to origin since you last checked. Changes will not be merged into work; needs to be done manually.
  • git pull origin : fetches and merges automatically.
  • git push origin master : push to origin location into master branch.
  • git remote add [name of remote] [url of remote] : add new remote access

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